WIN | WIN - Building Relationships through Rewards.

What We Do

WIN | WIN develop and manage market-leading reward and incentive solutions that help our clients to build relationships. These solutions include:

  • Sales Promotions
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Employee Reward Programmes

Who should use our services?

Any business (large or small) that wishes to use rewards to help boost sales (sales promotions), retain their employees (staff benefit) and build relationships with the clients (customer loyalty schemes).

Why are we unique?

We offer “fixed fee pricing”, saving our clients millions of euro per annum;
We have partnership arrangements with over 3000 reward suppliers;
Our prices include all fulfillment and IT development.

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Meteor Goodie Bag

Case Studies

Meteor Goodie Bag

Brief: Create an online platform to reward customers based on the value of their spend within a specific period of time.